How To Choose A Snorkel Mask

Snorkeling is a thrilling activity, in which people are able to witness the beauty of ocean life with only a few light weight items. A mask is one of the items required for snorkeling.

A quality mask allows you to see the marine life around you clearly and comfortably. Choosing the right mask is paramount to having an enjoyable snorkeling adventure. Wearing unreliable snorkel equipment causes regrets and frustrations. Also do not forget about using a good pair of snorkel fins, they are almost as important as the mask.

The Right Fit

  • The most important step in selecting the correct snorkel mask is ensuring a good fit. The portion of the mask that seals to the face is called the skirt. The skirt should be air tight, so that water doesn’t fill the mask. Dealing with a leaky mask as you snorkel will cause irritability and exhaustion. Instead of relishing your time in the water, your time is spent trying to prevent water intrusion.
  • Snorkel masks come in various shapes and certain people are best suited for certain masks. Men should remember that a mask on a hairy face does not seal well. The hair on the face leaves pathways for water to enter the mask, preventing an air tight seal.
  • If permitted by the retailer, try on several different masks. Softly place the mask it against you face while holding your breath. Ideally the mask should hug your face without inhaling deeply or having to strap it down. When the mask has the right fit, there is no reason to tighten the straps, this will cause you to be uncomfortable.

snorkel mask

Lens Style and Ensuring Good Visibility

  • The primary goal of snorkeling is to “see” the ocean life around you. That becomes problematic when your line of sight is obstructed by water and fog. Poor visibility through the lens of your mask, will completely ruin your experience. Normally, lenses are made of either plastic or glass. Impact-resistant glass is of the highest quality and is more resistant to scratching and fogging.
  • The archetypal lenses are a single oval lens that shields the eyes and nose as one unit. The more contemporary version of the single lens mask affords a slight separation between the nose and eyes, though the lens is still a single unit.
  • If you are looking for a complete split between the nose and eyes, considering choosing a mask that is a truly a split lens. A split lens is superior quality and offers better leak barrier. This is a higher quality mask allowing for a better seal against the face.
  • You can multiply the number of individual lenses, giving the option of the three or four lens mask. This style of mask will maximize your peripheral vision, keeping you from having to turn you head to capture the scenery.
  • Currently, the most popular masks for ideal sealing is a frameless mask. This style is simply a skirt that fastened to your face like a suction cup to a table. The frameless mask offers a relaxed, lightweight feel while you float on the surface of splendor.


Like any other purchase you make, durability is of the utmost importance. To properly ensure durability, purchase a mask that is constructed from high quality materials, such as a silicone skirt and high impact glass lenses. Purchasing a durable mask allows you to fully enjoy snorkeling, with no regret.

Battle the Fogging

  • The best way to prevent fogging your mask is by ensuring it fits properly. Taking the snorkeling mask off and on will cause fogging. De-fog drops are available to help prevent condensation, much like RainX on a car windshield repels water.
  • When initially purchase your mask, it will likely have a protective coat over it. De-fog/cleaning solutions are available to as a remedy for fogging. Homemade solutions are easily made by mixing three parts water and one part baby soap. Apply the solution to the mask then let it air dry. Spreading this solution before every snorkeling trip will decrease the accumulation of fog on you mask.


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