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Top 5 Best Places to Paddleboard in the South

Stand Up Paddling is a world-renowned sport that allegedly originated in Hawaii hundreds of years ago. In SUP, the rider stands the entire time, attempting to to propel themselves forward using a paddle. There are thousands of prime locations across the United States to paddleboard.

Places such as the west coast of the US are known for their SUP prowess. But an important and little known fact is that there are ideal SUP locations in the southernmost part of the US to paddleboard.

Top 5 Best Places to Paddleboard in the South

Florida Keys

The Florida Keys are no doubt top on the list of best SUP locations in the south. Paddleboarding is a popular pastime in this part of the state. There are plenty of rental agencies who boast beautiful ocean properties that you can paddle down out of their own back doors.

The water in the Keys is crystal clear and you can see right down to the ocean floor. The beautiful coral reef that you can see while you paddle lands the Florida Keys in the number one spot for best places to paddleboard in the US South.

Orange Beach

Orange Beach is a beautiful, white sand beach on the coast of Alabama. At the southernmost tip of central Orange Beach, the Old River empties out into the Gulf and creates and outlet known as Cotton Bayou.

There is a No Wake zone that spans nearly 3 miles, making it a perfect place to SUP. Orange Beach’s calm waters, beautiful beach scenery, and booming SUP community lands it a top spot on our list of top 5 SUP locations in the South.

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Galveston Beach

On an island just off Texas’ southeastern border is Galveston Beach, one of Texas’ most popular beaches. The plethora of places to rent paddleboards combined with the cheerful atmosphere and calm wake of the gulf beach scores Galveston Beach a top spot on our list of top 5 SUP locations in the south.


Gulfport, Mississippi is one of the largest cities in Mississippi. It’s also home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the state. Mississippi has a long-standing history of paddleboarders, many whom reside in and around Gulfport. Gulfport maintains a beautiful beach and boasts a thriving economy. The thriving paddleboard community as well as the calm gulf waters make Gulfport a go-to destination for SUP junkies!

Beaver Lake

So far, we’ve nailed SUP locations on beaches, but SUP can also be done on lakes. And one of our top spots for SUP is on a lake in Arkansas. Beaver Lake is nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, surrounded by rolling hills topped with trees.

The water is clear and calm and makes for a fantastic SUP location. The beauty of Northwest Arkansas coupled with the southern hospitality and calm lake waters of Beaver Lake make it one of the best locations for SUP in the south.

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