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Water Sports Adventure In San Diego

Water sports are a great means of recreation. It gives a feeling of thrill among adventure sports lover and make them reach newer levels of fun. The serene water, the cold winds and the excitement of undertaking a water adventure are unmatchable.

There is not a dull moment for people involved in water sports. The water sports leads to adrenaline rush as it involves adventure, action and excitement. For water sports lover, San Diego stands as a paradise as it proudly owns few of the best paddling locations along the west coast with large number of bays and lakes.

The place provides warm-weather throughout the year and is an ideal treat for people looking to enjoy water sports. Some of the best locations for paddle board and kayaking are as follows:

The Mission Bay – Bahia Hotel Santa Barbara Cove

The place is world’s largest human-made saltwater bay and a beautiful location to enjoy kayaking and paddle boats. The cove remains covered from three sides, which protect it against the wind. The bay offers perfect flat-water paddles for both experienced and inexperienced paddlers with liberty to paddle in any direction. The location is an ideal place for fishing and yoga with beautiful scenery to experience.

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La Jolla

The place is one of the most famous destinations for prime kayak fishing along the west coast. The shore is acknowledged for its inshore yellowtail, halibut fishery and White Sea bass. The location includes miles of scenic coastline that are an ideal choice for paddling. The beautiful seacoast, excellent fishery,and perfect weather conditions add on to the kayaking experience. The coastline hosts many kayak rentals and tour operators and gives an excellent view of sea life. If you relish the sight of dolphins and leopard sharks then the place offers enough such views in the La Jolla underwater park.

The Coronado Island

The little island holds perfect long reeling lines and beautiful coastline for surfing. Located near to the San Diego coast, the place is just five minutes away from the Coronado Bridge and situated next to the naval base of San Diego. The white sand sea coast holds multiple peaks to provide excellent surfing experience. Moreover, the place only has sandbar breaks and no rocks. The paddle boarders experience perfect weather conditions around the year to enjoy the sport at its optimum level.

Lake Hodges

The lake is located 30 miles in the northern direction of San Diego in Escondido and  hosts beautiful scenic location for paddling. The shoreline is covered with hills and oak forests which make it an interesting paddling gateway for water sports lover. The visitors are allowed to enjoy kayaking between March to October and only on the weekends.

The Del-Mar

If you intend to take your dog along with you for a round of paddle boat, then Del-Mar is the perfect location, as the beach is the sole dog-friendly beach along San Diego. The location offers excellent flat-water paddle and SUP surf.  The place is located in the north direction of 29th street and stretches till one and half miles of the Solana Beach.

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