Where To Go Big Game Hunting in Idaho

Idaho is one of the places in the west where you can get the best game while hunting. It has several species to choose from while hunting. This gives you more to work with. The elk in Idaho is rated as some of the best in the world.

Deer are found all through Idaho but you will find whitetail mostly in the north of the Salmon River. The best part about Idaho is that the hunters can carry out combination hunting. You can hunt two big game or on big game and fowl at the same time.

The controlled hunting areas in the central regions and the northern parts of Idaho is what makes t one of the best places to hunt for deer. There is plenty of public hunting areas. It may cost you a few bucks to get in the privately owned land if you decide to go hunting there. The prices are however reasonable.

Every fall hunters will gather for the annual deer hunt. The wildlife managers have enough resources to control the hunting in the region. You can get the best hunting regions and permission to hunt several seasons in the year. This control ensures hunting is not getting out of hand.  This are some of the best places to hunt for deer in Idaho.

West Bear Lake Area

This area boosts of some of the best deer hunting grounds south of Idaho. In this area they focus more on quality and not quality. The deer population in this area is not the highest but the best in quality. In 2016 most if the deer harvested in this area scored more than 4 points. Only one other region in Idaho had better numbers.

The problem with this region is that there are limited positions for those who want to use weapons while hunting. The two controlled hunts where anything goes have to be drawn for. You are however promised of possibly getting some of the best buck of the region. 5 out of 7 hunters in the controlled hunts got trophy deer.

South Pocatello

This is becoming one of the best deer hunting areas in the entire Idaho region. It is easy to see why most hunters would gravitate to this area since they have an easier time finishing everything up here.

The hunting grounds are so close to Pocatello that you can go out hunting and eat your harvest for dinner on the same day. This means the hunters can go out catch their game and dress it in the field while having enough time to come back to the town to cook a meal.

Diamond Creek

This area is the second highest deer population in Idaho. The isolated terrain of the land can make the hunting process dangerous or exciting depending on how you look at it. The number of deer caught in the area has doubled over the last year. Hunting n this region will therefore guarantee a piece if venison on your plate.

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